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The future of the Pomeranian breed is dependent on the breeders to make serious considerations and sacrifices when making the decision to breed a litter. Becoming a breeder involves so much more than putting two dogs together and producing puppies. A breeder will spend hours studying pedigrees and researching health conditions to learn as much as possible about the dogs in the pedigree before making a decision to breed two dogs together.

From the very beginning, I have felt that the health history of my breeding prospect is the true backbone of my breeding program. I feel like I have some advantage in this area because I was able to have hands on knowledge of three plus generations of lineage behind my foundation dogs. I studied those dogs. I took numerous notes and then went a step further and made notes in regard to the offspring they produced. I visited my mentor for several days every month and in trade for the knowledge I obtained, I helped to groom her Poms. I would not trade those hours of hands on learning for anything in the world.

For years, I have waited until my females were nearly 3 years old before breeding to them. I felt it was important to learn as much from the offspring the parents produced before planning matings for the next generation. We only get a couple litters from each female and the more we know before planning those breedings, the better our chances are of producing Healthy and Happy puppies.  

I made the decision in 2008 to begin using stud dogs that are much more mature than the norm. I now primarily use stud dogs that are over four years of age with the majority being six plus years of age. I expect these dogs to be healthy and sound, having correct coats consisting of both undercoat and guard hair. They must go through all the appropriate coat sheds for the breed and maintain healthy coats.

I focus on health here because without health, it does not matter how beautiful your Pomeranian is. You can imagine that this is no easy task. Once I plan the breeding based on the health issues, I then need to focus on the individual traits that could make the offspring one of the next great show Poms. Show Pom or Companion, the goal is to produce a little bundle of fur that will keep us smiling day after day, year after year.

I am hopeful that by maintaining this guideline, I will have the information necessary to breed healthy Pomeranians that are beautiful inside and out.

You can make a difference by donating for Pomeranian health research. 

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