Char's Parti In The Rain
Char's Pillow Talkin Parti
Cozy now lives in Norway.
CH Char's Parti Games
Char's Parti Time
Alex is currently on the show circuit in England and recently qualified for Crufts - Englands show of all shows.
CH Char's Parti of Myth N Legend
CH Char's Rendezvous Romeo
Now in Texas.
Char's Park Avenue Parti
 is living in the CzeCH Republic
Char's Parti In The Fast Lane
Now in Norway.
Char's Sensational Parti Avatar
Now in Australia.
CH Char's Tiki BeaCH Parti
CH Char's Parti With The Starz
CH Char's Flashy Parti O Vrynpoms
CH Char's Meant To Be A Parti
CH Char's Parti In My Dreams
Not only has Merlin accomplished the amazing in the show ring, the world's top winning Parti, he has excelled as a stud dog.
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