"Rocky's" Kids
CH Finch'sChar's Rock 'N Roll Parti
(CH Finch's Rockin Parti
x Finch's Come Parti With Me)
Rolly is Rocky's second Champion offspring Rolly is also the third parti champion produced by his dam, Finch's Come Parti With Me.
CH Char's Most Beautiful Parti
Rocky and Rolly
Father and Son
Char's Fifth Avenue Parti
Char's Garden Parti
Char's Deore Never End'n Parti
Co-owned with Joo Dong Kim and Ah Young Jung of South Korea
Starlion is now living in South Korea..
CH Char's Super Model Parti
Uva Ursi
CH Finch's Rockin' Parti X
Char's Parti In My Heart
Uva Ursi is a Rocky daughter in Switzerland.
CH Char's Parti 'Til You Tucker

CH Finch's Rockin Parti X Dossmar's Miss Sparkle
Tucker is Rocky's first Champion offspring.